You could completely eliminate single-use plastic bags from your shopping trips with these reusable produce bag! The ChicoBag Produce Stand Mini Complete Starter Kit is a great alternative to single-use disposable produce bags and makes it easy to remember your reusable produce bags every time you shop! Three small, 9x9" reusable produce bags made from different materials are included along with a pear shaped carrying pouch. All bags are made from durable, machine washable fabrics.Each set includes: 

  • 1 rePETe Bag

               Restricts airflow and locks in moisture

               - Ideal for squash, broccoli, carrots and celery

  • 1 rePETe Mesh Bag

                -Designed to maintain optimal humidity and air flow

                -  Allows ethylene gas to escape 

                - Ideal for apples, oranges, onions and potatoes

                - Bags rolls up and store in Pear Pouch when not in use

  • 1 Bag made of Natural Fibers (organic cotton & hemp blend)
              - Absorbs excess moisture and restricts airflow

                - Ideal for grains, nuts and other bulk food items 

rePete bags are manufactured from recycled water bottles

    Chico Produce Starter Set - Mini

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    • Set contains 3 9"x9" washable produce bags

      Machine wash in cold water and hang to dry