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Advantages of Copper

  • Anti-inflammatory to support inflamed joints
  • Anti- bacterial
  • Aids with digestion


How to use

  • To gain the full benefits of copper let water sit in vessel for at least 8 hours then drink.
  • Use copper vessels for water consumption only.
  • Do not use for dairy, lemon, lime or any acidic substance such as orange juice or vinegar.

Copper Water Bottle - 900 ml

  • Instructions:

    • Hand wash thoroughly before use.
    • To remove stickers soak in vinegar and baking soda for 1 hour then scrub with a brush or dishwashing scrub.
    • Each item is unique, made with pure copper, and might carry variations of colour, slight pattern and other delicate inefficiencies.
    • Body will develop a natural patina as real copper naturally should. This adds character to the copper.
    • If you like your copper shiny you may clean it with salt and lemon mix.
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