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EcoJarz Shaker is a travel-sized blender ball made to fit inside of glass jars.  Strong, durable and big enough to get the job done, from protein shakes to all sorts of sip-able nutrition, it is all the whisk you need.  Just throw it in the jar, seal the lid and give it a shake!

Shakers are all the rage amongst the supplement-powder-drinking crowd.  From bodybuilders to hipsters, it seems like everyone’s got their own sip-able nutrition on hand, and these little blender balls are the hottest new tool since the wire whisk.  Far more convenient that a long-handled whisk however, they stay out of site and out of mind, doing a mighty fine job emulsifying your smoothie without you ever needing to lift the lid.   

Stainless Steel Blender Ball for Jars

  • Made of 18-8 food grade 304 stainless steel

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